Tabletop Enclosures

To safeguard your laser environment, CBO Systems Inc. offers a diverse array of laser marker enclosures including tabletop enclosures. Our company's tabletop enclosures come complete with fume extraction units and surround your tabletop laser marking system to protect your laser marker operator from its potentially harmful effects. Our standard size tabletop enclosures feature a working envelope of 20” x 20” x 20”, and other high-quality characteristics that include:

  • Single push button operation
  • Automatic pneumatic door
  • Safety interlock door
  • Laser safe viewport
  • PLC controlled
  • Fume extractor
  • Tower computer (optional)
  • Keyboard and monitor arm
  • And more

For use in virtually any type of manufacturing facility, our tabletop enclosures are available in 115VAC/60Hz. Depending on your laser safety needs, the engineering specialists at CBO Systems Inc. can custom design any style of tabletop enclosures including entire tabletop enclosures to fully encompass your workspace. For further information on any of our laser marker enclosures such as our tabletop enclosures, our stand alone enclosures, or our custom design enclosures, please get in touch with us today! Feel free to ask us about our company's other capabilities including SPM systems and industrial controls.

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