The engineering team at CBO Systems Inc. wants to ensure that they deliver superior quality laser marker enclosures, manufacturing data collection systems, and industrial controls / small SPMs to our clients. In order for our customers to attain the highest levels of industrial process capabilities, we have partnered with well-established automation system industry leaders to provide you the products and services you expect from our company. Our partners include:

Opus Automation

The premier designer and installer of customized robotic automation systems for North America's industrial sector, Opus Automation supports CBO Systems Inc. in all our custom engineering and installation endeavours.


At the forefront of factory automation, Keyence supplies integral components to CBO Systems Inc. for the production of our small SPMs / controls, laser marker enclosures, and manufacturing data collection systems.

Without our talented partners, CBO Systems Inc. would be unable to offer the high-performance machine OEE systems, custom design enclosures, or HMI systems that your industrial company deserves! To learn more about our partners and the important roles they play, please contact us. Our engineering team will gladly answer any questions you may have about our SPM systems, controls, and laser marker enclosures.

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