Laser Marker Enclosures

In order to reduce error, ensure safety, and increase reliability of their products, manufacturing industries such as automotive, electronics, medical, aerospace, and others understand that identification is an effective solution to part traceability. In accordance with current governmental and industrial regulations, many companies use laser markers for the permanent application of date, lot, bar and data matrix codes, serial and part numbers, logos, diagrams, and much more on a wide range of materials. Laser marking safety procedures protect a laser marker operator from such common hazards as radiation injuries, severe burns, or eye damage. To prevent such hazards from taking place, CBO Systems Inc. offers an assortment of laser marker enclosures to select from:

Our laser marker enclosures are available in a variety of styles and sizes and are guaranteed to suit the specific needs of your application. When the situation demands it, the professional engineering team at CBO Systems Inc. works with automation system industry professionals Opus Automation and Keyence to custom design laser marker enclosures that will meet your unique requirements. To learn more about CBO Systems Inc.'s laser marker enclosures, please browse our website, or contact one of our representatives. Please ask us about our other design and installation capabilities such as industrial controls and SPM systems.

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