Programmable logic controllers (PLCs)

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) play an important role in such manufacturing processes as assembly lines. These automated digital computers can also be applied to robotic devices or any other type of activity that is in need of high reliability control and process fault diagnosis. Designed for harsh industrial environments, CBO System Inc.'s PLCs are easy to program and offer many features and benefits:

  • Modular, compact or rack styles
  • AC or DC voltage
  • Large memory and fast operation
  • Compatible with most industrial software and networks
  • Local and remote installation
  • For use with multiple input / output devices including photoelectric sensors and actuators
  • And more

CBO Systems Inc.'s team of industrial controls engineers offers PLC upgrades, as well as PLC programming and refitting services. Our company's PLCs will allow you to easily change or replicate your industrial process while gathering and relaying vital information. To determine which of our PLCs will best suit your unique application, please contact the industrial controls / small SPMs specialists at CBO Systems Inc. Feel free to inquire about our other controls products including HMIs, vision, and medical marijuana control systems, or our SPM systems or laser marker enclosures.

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